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Project Description

Project Name

Ray Power Plant Storage Tank

Type Of Work

Engineering, Procurement, Construction




Ray Power Plant Co.


Ray, Tehran-Iran



More Information

More Information

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) of two sets 15,000 & 35,000 m3 gasoil storage tanks including: piping, firefighting, electrical, control & instrumentation.

Considering the requirement for fuel storage for power plants, which is also a requirement of the passive defense system, in this project, with the construction of two atmospheric reservoirs with a capacity of 15,000 and 35,000 m3, the fuel storage capacity of the Ray power plant increased three times the existing capacity.

These tanks with internal fuel lines up to 12 inches, pumping stations of 300 m3 / hr capacity, firefighting systems with pump capacity of 550 m3 / hr. and 10000 lit / sec, fire alarm, transformer and medium voltage 11 kv panels, systems The S7-400 PLC control and the construction band walls, and industrial sheds.

Engineering, procurement, construction of these reservoirs and systems has been the responsibility of the Rahbordsazeh Company.

The main equipment of this complex includes:

Equipments Numbers
Atmospheric tank a fixed range with a capacity of 15,000 cubic meters 1device
Atmospheric repository of fixed range with a capacity of 35,000 cubic meters 1device
Fuel API pumps with a capacity of 150 m3 / hr 5devices
Fuel heaters85 kW 2devices
Firefighting pumps (electric) 250 m3 / hr 2devices
Firefighting pumps (diesel) 550 m3 / hr 2devices
Firefighting pumps (joke) 25 m3 / hr. two devices 2devices
Valve controls 10 inch 3devices
Transformer 11/400 kV 1device