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RahbordSazeh Code of Ethics

We as one of the staff members of Rahbordsazeh believe that together with all the consultants and clients, the Rahbordsazeh family formed

We serve national targets in the field of energy industry contracting. We believe in the following code of ethic and will not hesitate to make any effort to fulfill and institutionalize them:

The company’s code of ethic includes:

  • Honesty in relationships with clients, colleagues and other partners

  • Refusal to attend and participate in collusion and Inappropriate actions in tenders

  • Having the courage to seize own rights and others by Following Code of ethics.

  • Attempting to increase acceptance and Promoting responsibility for the spread of respect, reputation and professionalism

  • Paying attention to the secrecy Including confidential information and documents, clients, Consultants, subcontractors and other professional partners and social partners. And Preserve human dignity and institutionalize professional ethics

  • Prioritizing the national and social interests to any personal interests and efforts to preserve the environment and promote the health, safety and welfare of the community

  • Rahbordsazeh employees, believe that the contentment and delightfulness of the clients, is the main acknowledgement for measurement of us dedication, self-devotion and professional performance and deeply appreciate and embrace any kind of opinion specifically criticism and disapproval from the clients also exert them as the main basis for improvement

Fundamental Principles of the Ethical Charter in the Rahbordsazeh Co.
This charter will commit us to staying in our professional attitude to the values, beliefs and ethics of professionalism the charter ethical of the Rahbordsazeh Company is based on two main aspects:

  1. Shareholders and clients
  2. Those who serve to clients or shareholder

The basis of the ethical charter :

  1. Discipline at work
  2. Adornment
  3. Punctuality
  4. Good attitude and observance of politeness and respect
  5. Serving based on justice
  6. Doing things in the shortest possible time

Code of Ethics

Attempt to accomplish the affairs of the customers in the most convenient and shortest possible time.

  • Observing punctuality and sense of responsibility for the interests of shareholder, colleagues and especially pioneers and adhere to the culture criticism, accountability and mutual trust
  • Commitment to the efforts and satisfaction of clients and all shareholders
  • Participation the decision making and collaboration in order to achieve the target of the company
  • Compliance rules and administrative regulations also avoiding any misuse of the job position and discrimination in business relationships and Maintain information and organizational secrets
  • Ensure the correct and timely fulfillment of responsibilities and obligations and balancing between personal and organizational interests by prioritizing organizational interests
  • Attention to the position of the company and the observance of the requirements, considerations, roles and responsibilities of all relevant shareholders
  • Promotion, development of enterprise experience and knowledge as the company’s capital and Share it with colleagues, consultants, contractors and all shareholders in the framework of the company’s
  • The value of time in carrying out activities and obligations and asserting the right and time of colleagues, clients and shareholders
  • Observing discipline, Adornment of apparel in accordance with Islamic and national culture
  • The optimal use of the resources and facilities of the company and the prevention of wasteful and abusive use, with the wisdom saving and elimination of excess formalities
  • Increase effectiveness and recognize the client’s needs and expectations constantly and evaluate their satisfaction to develop services in accordance with the client’s needs