HES Policy 2017-12-02T13:50:34+03:30

Health, Safety, Environment

The management team of Rahbordsazeh Company defines the HSE policy in line with its commitment to sustainable development, compliance with environmental issues and the creation of safe conditions for its employees as the main company’s capital. Defines the HSE policy and will use all its facilities to carry out the principles contained in the HSE and fulfill the company’s aspirations.

Management team of Rahbordsazeh Company as one of the leading companies in the field of industrial projects (EPC) believes that the observance of the principles of safety and environmental protection in the implementation projects is considered to be the fundamental principles of engineering activities.

Therefore, the management team while emphasizing the prevention of source pollution, the implementation activities under strictly safe conditions and observing the standards of health at workshops, in this regard declares the ten pillars the company’s policy as follows:

  • Continuous improvement the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

  • Creating a safe, delighted and intimate environment for optimal activities

  • Reducing the environmental impacts of daily activities and making optimum use of the available resources

  • Full compliance with environmental laws and regulations, safety regulations, and rules that employers emphasize compliance with them during project implementation

  • institutionalize the HSE principles and standards in the company, especially in the workshops

  • Promoting safety and environmental culture among employees

  • Continuous and effective effort to eliminate events

  • Continuous measurement of performance indicators in order to ensure the effectiveness of planned work and control of the existing work environment risks

  • Establish effective communication and mutually beneficial with clients in relation by HSE issues

  • Honest engagement with clients  and submit read  information about safety, environmental and health of the company without any limitation