>>>Iranshahr Steam Power Plant Gas Buring Project
Iranshahr Steam Power Plant Gas Buring Project 2017-12-03T08:47:42+03:30

Project Description

Project Name

Iranshahr Steam Power Plant Gas Buring Project

Type Of Work

Engineering, Procurement, Construction




Zahedan Power Production Co.





More Information

More Information

Replacement of Iranshar steam power plant existing fuel burners to dual Fuel Including Fuel gas piping, New burners installation, Gas train valves, BCS & BPS Control Systems, Electrical & Instrument, etc.

This project has been implemented as the first of its kind in Iran to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the use of heavy fuel liquids in the boilers of this power plant

In this project four boiler units of 300 tons of steam were equipped with dual- burners and thus significantly reduced the volume of pollutants produced by the power plant

The quality of the exhaust smoke from the power plant was within the acceptable range of environmental standards

The project includes the construction of gas pipelines from the gas station to the power plants to the consumption areas along with steam boilers, Installation of new dual- burners, installation of control valves in the direction of transmission and entry of gas into burners, construction and installation of control panels and operation of new burners, The construction and installation of protection panel for the new burner system, the programming and  commissioning  of control and protection systems have been with the international standards of the power plant.

The main equipment of the project includes:

Equipments Numbers
Dual burners with a capacity of 30 MW 36 Units
Gas transmission lines with a size of 12 inches 2000 Meters
Control valves 6 to 12 inches 72 pcs
Manual valve 2 to 12 inches 88 pcs
Flame detector systems 36 pcs
Gas analyzer systems for combustion 4 pcs
Protection of control systems panels 24 Cells
Operating control systems panels 4 Cells