Abadan Power Plant Storage Tanks Expansion 2017-12-02T08:49:28+03:30

Project Description

Project Name

Abadan Power Plant Storage Tanks Expansion

Type Of Work

Engineering, Procurement, Construction




Abadan Power Plants Co.





More Information

More Information

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) of two sets 15,000 & 35,000 m3 gasoil storage tanks including: piping, firefighting, electrical, control & instrumentation.

This project has been implemented in order to increase the storage capacity of Abadan combined cycle power plant simultaneously with the construction of the combined cycle units of this power plant that increased fuel consumption. The project includes the construction of an atmospheric reservoir with a fixed range of 20,000 cubic meters, firefighting systems, fire alarm, PLC control systems S7-400, steam boilers and secondary systems, fuel heat exchangers, UPS systems and battery charging.

Engineering, procurement, construction of these reservoirs and systems has been the responsibility of the Rahbordsazeh Company.

The main equipment of this complex includes:

Equipments Numbers
Atmospheric tank a fixed range with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters 1device
Steam boiler with a capacity of 2000 tons 1device
– Heating fuel heat exchanger 1device
Firefighting pumps 1device